Juice Drinks Produced in Somerset

Juice Fusion

The Juice Fusion range has recently been added to our drinks portfolio. Having the products available on draught has helped many of our customers free up valuable space in their fridges along with the added benefit of being able to offer Juice Fusion as another option for a mixer as well as a standalone juice.

Swallo Drinks Apple & Raspberry Juice Fusion

Apple and Raspberry

4:1 Ratio

Swallo Drinks Orange & Passionfruit Juice Fusion

Orange and Passionfruit

4:1 Ratio

Swallo Drinks Apple & Mango Juice Fusion

Apple and Mango

4:1 Ratio

Juice Drinks

All our juices are from concentrate and mixed with filtered water within our draught dispense system. They can be used for breakfast drinks or as a mixer.

Swallo Drinks Apple Juice

Apple Juice

4:1 Ratio

Swallo Drinks Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

4:1 Ratio

Orange Juice

4:1 Ratio


More products that come with the convenience of being on draught. Our cordials are available in 10 litre boxes for draught and also in 5 litre jerry cans if needed.

Swallo Drinks Blackcurrant Cordial

Blackcurrant Cordial

4:1 Ratio

Swallo Drinks Lime Cordial

Lime Cordial

4:1 Ratio

Swallo Drinks Orange Cordial

Orange Cordial

4:1 Ratio

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