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About Us

About Us

Swallo Drinks are a soft drinks manufacturer and supplier based in Somerset.

We have been manufacturing soft drinks in Somerset now for over 30 years, installing draught soft drinks equipment in the hospitality industry.

From our humble beginnings in an old barn near Rooksbridge, we have moved several times and have recently purchased a new modern factory where we have diversified into manufacturing Lush Slush; a new range of bottled Botanic soft drinks, a Bubbles range of soda stream products and Cocktail Mixes, all available for use within the hospitality industry, retail and home use.

The name Swallo Drinks was derived from the Swallows that were nesting in the old barn and flew in and out in those early days whilst manufacturing and loading vans up for delivery.

We Increase Your Profit

Our commitment to customers is simple. We provide you with real alternatives to pre-mix drinks, developed to increase profit to taste good and to keep your customers satisfied time after time. 

At Swallo Drinks, our biggest and key selling point is profit. You will find that the savings from our non-branded drinks range are huge.

We're Proud of Our Heritage

We started up in 1988 on a small farm in rural Somerset with a handful of customers and two members of staff. In the early years of production we concentrated on mastering our recipes to create the authentic flavours that we supply today.

We now operate from a large premises in Highbridge, Somerset, that has given us the space to grow and improve our manufacturing techniques.

We Supply Further

We are now supplying to over 700 direct accounts throughout the UK ranging from smaller café outlets, pubs, and restaurants to nightclubs, tourist attractions and Formula 1 hospitality providers. We are the only non branded supplier to one of the leading British Pub Companies.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and the quality of our products which we confidently feel can rival brand leaders.


We are proud to say that we are one of only a few drinks companies throughout the UK that still manufacture in-house.

High Standards

Self manufacturing our own brand of soft drinks, through our very own mixing plant, helps us control the quality of our products and meet the high standards that our customers can expect. Managing the manufacturing process in-house means we can keep on top of our growing demand year after year.

Huge Savings

We manufacture the majority of our drinks in-house, which helps keep our costs low. We pass on those savings direct to you. Creating a 6:1 ratio on 90% of our products gives you approximately 246 half pints per box. Our drink syrups represent great value.

Honest Ingredients

We source our ingredients from reputable suppliers throughout Europe to obtain the highest quality and standards that we demand for our products.

Bespoke Drinks

We offer discreet manufacturing for suppliers that require a custom post-mix drink complete with bespoke labelling and design. Offering a full next day/overnight supply service throughout the UK. All flavours can be designed and tailored for all tastes and budgets.

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