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Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated Drinks Specialists in The UK

We are proud to say that we are one of only a few drinks companies throughout the UK that still manufacture in-house.

The water which creates our Soda and all of our carbonated drinks runs through a water filter on every one of our systems before it is run through our energy efficient Carbonators. This enhances the Soda for a more pure taste which can be used on its own as well as part our post-mix products.

Swallo Drinks Black Ice

Black Ice Premium Cola

A simple recipe with outstanding results. Filtered water, sugar and cola combine to create a taste that stands shoulder to shoulder with the top brands proven in blind taste tests.

6:1 Ratio

Swallo Drinks Black Ice Diet Cola

Diet Black Ice Premium Cola

A lack of sugar but no lack of taste. The sweeteners in our Diet Ice Cola provide ample flavour in place of sugar.

6:1 Ratio

Sparkling Lemonade

For quenching any thirst, our Lemonade is one of the most refreshing drinks we manufacture and is very popular with all our customers.

6:1 Ratio

Sparkling Orange

A bubbly blend of orange and lemonade which creates a fresh and fizzy citrus taste. Ideal as a light refreshment.

5:1 Ratio

Sparkling Tonic

A classic recipe inspired by the origin of Tonic back in the 1800’s, our Indian Tonic can be just as refreshing on its own as well as when accompanied by a spirit.

5:1 Ratio

Ginger Beer

Popular with customers in many of the golf clubs we service, our Ginger Beer brings a refreshing taste with the added pinch of spice for flavour.

5:1 Ratio

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