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Something Different

Something New

We are excited to announce 10 brand new flavours which will be available from the beginning of 2020 onwards.

We understand that certain drinks can go in and out of fashion. So if you feel a product is not selling as much as you had hoped and would like to swap the product for something else or you simply would like to try something a bit different and new, then we have a list of products to cater for that.

All these products can be installed onto your bespoke draught dispense system (subject to available product lines not in use).

Our Latest Creations

A true American soda, rich and refreshing with subtle notes of wintergreen, an excellent accompaniment to burgers, steak or ribs.

Quintessentially British, this old favourite is enjoying a real comeback, with the rise of more discerning drinkers, this can be drunk straight or in cocktails.

A refreshing drink with vanilla notes, taste of the USA, popular with themed outlets.

A taste of the east, great with all Eastern food such as Chinese, Indian and Thai. Exquisite fruit taste. Available sparkling, still or mix with yoghurt for a cooling Mango Lassi.

A nice change from cola, this product has herbal hints, serve sparkling over ice for a refreshing long drink.

This zesty lemonade is a wonderfully versatile drink, serve chilled over ice either sparkling or still, a true Summer favourite with homemade reminiscence, leaves the palate refreshed.

This sparkling tropical drink has a distinct pink grapefruit taste. With its refreshing citrus zing, it’s the perfect way to wash down that spicy jerk chicken, you can enjoy the taste of the Caribbean, right where you are.

“Ock eye the noo!” A distinct taste of Scotland, great served with a shot of spirit or with food, predominately a northern drink it is now growing in popularity in the South and across Europe.

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